Who We Are

Research Group for the Promotion of Resilient Environmental, Water & Sanitation Technologies


The Development Technology in the Community Research Group (DTC), was established for the promotion of Resilient Environmental, Water and Sanitation Technologies.

It is part of the Water Innovation Research Centre within the Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute at TU Dublin.

It is supported by the School of Transport and Civil Engineering, Technological University Dublin, Ireland. DTC has completed research and advisory projects in Ireland, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Strategic Objective:

The DTC Research Group promotes applied research programs for the Transfer of Resilient Environmental Technologies to areas in the world and indigenous groups where such technology is appropriate. The research outputs contribute to the TU Dublin Research theme of Environmental Sustainability.


Knowledge Network & Partners:

We use our links with knowledge networks worldwide to assist partners to develop an integrated approach to sustainable technology and to link with a wider regional knowledge base and expertise. We also assist partners to develop information networks at local level to institutionalise the learning and experience amongst users and stakeholders. The overall aim is to promote a demand for sustainable technologies and to empower communities to select appropriate solutions suitable to their cultural and individual needs.