NatureWat Technology Portfolio

NatureWat is a network of living labs for Nature Based Solutions.

NatureWat Technology Portfolio

NatureWat was set up as an action group under the European Innovation Platform (EIP) to promote NBS. NatureWat is a network of living labs for Nature Based Solutions.

European Innovation Partnership (EIP)

The objective is to pool expertise and resources by bringing together public and private actors. NatureWat has been formally adopted as an action group within the EIP Water structure.  This Action Group aims to identify and overcome bottlenecks and barriers (e.g. market opportunities, policy implementation, financial issues and technical aspects) related to nature-based solutions for water resources management in rural, peri-urban and urban areas of European and non-European countries

Project Information

NatureWat members: The action group members comprise a cross section of research institutes, government and non-government organisations and professional firms working on developing nature-based solutions for a variety of water management issues across Europe.

NatureWat provides a network of NBS living labs. These explore technology, market, finance, policy and training requirements.

Living labs explore the science and engineering behind a range of natural processes. 

Demonstration projects: seeing is believing, monitoring is understanding.

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