Design Nature In – A Nature Based Solutions Toolkit

Design Nature In – an opportunity to create a nature based solutions strategy.

Design Nature In – A Nature Based Solutions Toolkit

Every street is an opportunity…….every building is an opportunity ……every space is an opportunity ….to Design Nature In. 

Achieving Resilient Cities and Communities (ARCC)

These resources were developed as part of the network of conferences and workshops delivered under the title “Achieving Resilient Cities and Communities (ARCC). These took place in Dublin, Slovenia and Barcelona. 

These resources were developed by the DTC Research Group in association with Engineers Without Borders, Ireland. They were funded by the EU DEAR Program, Build Solid Ground.  

Project Information

Build Solid Ground is an EU funded program with 14 partners across Europe and Africa. The program objective was to raise awareness,

 increase capacity and provide opportunities for citizens to engage in Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The toolkit presents a methodology to enable users to analyse the vulnerability of their community to shocks and stresses. The resources also facilitate users to adopt Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to reduce Vulnerability, increase Diversity and increase Resilience within their community. 

It is aimed at specialist and non-specialist alike. These include professionals (engineers, planners, architects, social scientists), students, teachers, community groups and development workers. 

It presents the users with a fun interactive way to engage with natural infrastructure solutions. 

The NBS toolkit is based on six prime infrastructure needs which any community needs to thrive: Shelter, Water Supply, Used Water Management, Waste Management, Food Security, Energy & Comfort.

The toolkit is applicable to low income communities in developing countries. 

The toolkit is equally applicable to high income communities. 

The gamification of the methodology allows adoption by the user to a wide variety of applications. 

If you would like us to facilitate a NBS workshop with your group please contact us directly. 

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